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Game Management

Configuration/Manage Games

Game Configurations is a pre-set database for most played games. It uses a system of alias to make it universal.
The main goal is to decrease the time needed to add a new game server. Like that, only a few things have to be changed in the form, and you can deploy many servers in a couple of minutes. Game Configurations are also used by LGSL1) to know which Query Type have to be chosen when querying (see below) and finally, Configuration Names (on “Server Summary” or “Server Profile” pages) are extracted from the game configuration too.

You have the ability to add your own games if yours is not available.

Important rules

  • Do not forget to use default values for Server Port, Query Port etc. when you fill in the form
  • The Query Type cannot be selected randomly, you have to search on the internet to know which one is suitable for your game.
  • It uses the same way as adding a server: Game Servers

LGSL Process Schema

  1. User asks for information about a game server.
  2. LGSL retrieves the Query Type from game configuration.
  3. LGSL will query the game server.
  4. Game server returns information…
  5. …And LGSL provide them to the user.
1) Live Game Server List
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