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Game Servers


A game server is a remotely or locally run server used by game clients to play multiplayer video games. Most video games played over the Internet operate via a connection to a game server. A game server can also be referred to as a host (especially when one of the clients also acts as the server) or a shard (especially in the context of massively multiplayer games).


Add New Server

Before adding a server, you have to ensure that you have added at least one box and one group.

Form description

  • Start Command : Command-line for launching game servers
  • Path : Specify the absolute path of your game server executable

Available aliases :

  • {IP} (Box IP)
  • {PORT} (Server connection port)
  • {SLOTS} (Max number of players allowed on the server)
  • {CFG1-9} (Custom aliases)

In our example, we have:

./srcds_run -game cstrike -ip {ip} -port {port} -maxplayers {slots} +map {cfg1} -nohltv -steam_dir /home/your_username/your_folder_steamcmd -steamcmd_script /home/your_username/your_server_srcds/your_file_update.txt -autoupdate

The line extract ”-steam_dir /home/your_username/your_folder_steamcmd -steamcmd_script /home/your_username/your_server_srcds/your_file_update.txt -autoupdate” means that you have to create 1 file called “your_file_update.txt” and install steamCMD program. Please read the Steam/Valve wiki for such a server config.

When the server will be launched, the following command will be send :

./srcds_run -game cstrike -ip -port 27015 -maxplayers 16 +map cs_assault -nohltv -steam_dir /home/your_username/your_folder_steamcmd -steamcmd_script /home/your_username/your_server_srcds/your_file_update.txt -autoupdate
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