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General Informations

There are two sides, Client Side and Admin Side. Only clients can log into their side, same for admins.

Clients are allowed to :

  • Start/Stop/Restart their servers
  • Use RCON tool
  • Edit their account information

Admins can do everything. Admin's levels are not supported yet, but have been implanted for future usage.

Servers are linked to groups ; clients are linked to groups. Admins don't have to be linked to a server's group to edit/manage it, whereas clients have to.

A server could be linked to only one group ; groups could have multiple servers.

The cron job is strongly recommended to be set up, in order to use all functions of the panel.

Game server “cache” is a work in progress and is currently not available. Don't care about it if the forms are asking for it.

Here are the general steps to correctly use BGP

  1. Add new box (physical server) via “Boxes/Add New Box”.
  2. Add new group via “Configuration/Manage Groups”.
  3. Depending on your needs, you may want to add a new game configuration as your game is not available via “Configuration/Manage Games”.
  4. Add new game server to the box via “Servers/Game Servers/Add New Server” (don't forget to link the server with the group that you have previously created).
  5. Finally, add new client via (“Clients/Add New Client”), link this client to the group (“Configuration/Manage Groups/EditYourGroup”).
  6. Optional : set up the cron job Cron Job

Add your first box

The boxes are the physical servers which will host your game servers. They have to be linux powered (we recommend LINUX Debian OS - stable).

The box must have screen package installed


aptitude install screen
  • In the nav-bar, click on the “Boxes” tab. Then “Add New Box”.
  • The fields name and notes are at your convenience, others are required.
  • You must provide your IP-FailOver in the IP field if you have got one.
  • The checkbox at the end of the form asks you if you want to check login/password of the provided box.

Add your first group

As explained above, groups are required to link clients to servers.

  1. In the nav-bar, click on the “Configuration” tab, then “Manage Groups” and finally, click on “Add New Group”.
  2. Enter a name and submit the form.

Add your first game server

Servers have to be already installed and ready for use (this panel will only manage “server's screens”).

  • In the nav-bar, click on “Servers/Game Servers”, then “Add New Server”.
Some games have been added to the panel, but if your game doesn't exists, you can add it via “Configuration/Manage Games/Add New Game”. Take a look at the other games to know how to correctly add your game's settings to the database. Game Management
  • Complete the form, read this page if you need some help : Game Servers
Once the server have been added, its status is set to “Pending”. In order to use it, you must validate your server via the button “Validate” on its summary page. It will verify each information of the server. If everything is correct, your server will be ready for usage, if not, an output will be provided with an associated error.
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