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Cron Job

The cron job is required for box monitoring, keeping LGSL1) data up-to-date or cleaning game server's log file.

Crontab <3

  • One of the most fantastic parts of linux is the crontab. The crontab can be compared to windows its “scheduled tasks”.
  • We are going to use the crontab to exec a php script called cron.php located in the /admin folder of your BGP's install directory.
  • Want to learn more about crontab ? Take a look here :

Let's go

  1. Copy the command given by the Cron Settings page (“Configuration/Cron Settings”).
  2. Edit the crontab by typing crontab -e under ROOT user and add the command.
  3. Exit the crontab with :wq command followed by an enter OR by pressing CTRL+O then CTRL+X (depending on your console editor)
  4. Enjoy !

cPanel Setup

Just select the time you want that it executes the code and below, on the text box, put the cron job that the panel gives you.

Example: php -q /home/epsilon/public_html/bgpanel/admin/cron.php > /dev/null 2>&1

Pic Example:

1) Live Game Server List
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